What is Formula Rockstar?
Formula Rockstar™ Is a license to receive added benefits and services for News Rockstar™ users. It gives people a chance to get more involved with News Rockstar™ without having to be a big-time investor.
FR (Formula Rockstar) Pricing
It's Pretty Simple ... FR starts at a minimum purchase of $100 to $15,000. Purchase in $100 increments. Example: $100 ... $200 ... $500 ... $10,000 and so on.
Here's Part Of What's Included 1.
We're launching a very unique cryptocurrency called ADSTAX (see white paper PDF), FR license holders will receive 10x in crypto at no extra charge. Example: If you purchased a $200 license, as part of your license, you'd receive $2,000 in Crypto. Whatever your FR purchase amount is, just take it times 10 (ten).
Here's Part Of What's Included 2.
Guaranteed Loan. No Credit Check. Half-Point Interest Rate ... With the money that will be raised from Crypto sales (in the process of establishing a Wyoming Corp for that), we'll purchase a U.S. FDIC Insured Bank. Once we have the Bank, you'll automatically qualify for a loan at 4X of the FR amount you purchased. Example: If you purchased a $10,000 FR, you'd receive a $40,000 loan at a half-point interest, no credit check.
Here's Part Of What's Included 3.
Special Banking Privileges ... With things such as no overdraft checking. No chargeback payment solutions and more.
Here's Part Of What's Included 4.
Special New Rockstar Privileges ... You'll be a News Rockstar Ambassador. As we grow, they'll be privileged advantages added to this position. If your FR purchase is $500 or more, you'll also receive 4 Badge credentials included (see badge credentials). Free passes to events and so on.
Here's Part Of What's Included 5.
More Rockstar Privileges ... Once advertising becomes available on News Rockstar, your ads pricing will be at a greater discount.
Here's Part Of What's Included 6.
FR Affiliate Program ... Start generating revenues right now. Simply refer someone to FR and receive a 33.3% commission of the retail sale paid instantly from when we receive funds. Anything up $500 can be done by Debit or Credit Card. Over $500, requires Bank wire or Bank deposit.
It' a Way To Enhance Your News Rockstar Experience.
Remember, It's YOUR News Rockstar Channel ... Having an FR license gives you an easy way to be part of News Rockstar as a whole, not just a user.
Disclaimer ...
Your purchasing a discount advertising license. Everything else is included at no additional charge. Example: If you wanted the license without the Crypto, the price would be the same. You cannot purchase Crypto at this time. Once we have the Wyoming Corp set-up and officially registered, then the crypto will be available for purchase. All license sales are final.
How to Purchase.
FIRST ... Contact us at 408-734-4748. Tell us who referred you. Then if you leave a message, make sure you speak clearly, slowly and your phone number twice.

SECOND ... Once we speak and you've determined your FR dollar amount. We'll send a payment link for amounts up to $500. Or, our Banking information for higher amounts.

THIRD ... Once we receive payment, a PDF of your license will be emailed to you.

Terms of Service, GDRP, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, California Policy are all covered at NewsRockstar.com
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